Recap: Joy Of Sake 2016

Another Joy of Sake is in the books. This year was a little different for me because instead of partaking in the event as an attendee, I was on the other side of the table. I worked this year’s event as a “sake steward”.
It was pretty non-stop from the moment I arrived, a few hours before the event. There was a lot going on behind closed doors which I never got to see before. The event room was being set up and decorated, as we brought out and set up probably close to 1000 bottles of sake. The task, although daunting, went by quickly with so many hands pitching in.

As the event kicked off I, and my fellow stewards, got to talk sake with countless guests while making sure the sake in our station was readily available for all to partake.

I saw so many of the familiar faces I’ve come to expect at the annual Joy of Sake, but this time it was a unique pleasure to be serving them wonderful sake which had brought us together.

As the night wound down, and the crowd filtered out, we all made quick, albeit hard, work of breaking everything down, and packing it all away, then we finally got a chance to take a breath and celebrate a successful night of celebration.

With all that was going on during the night i only managed to take this one photo. The empties from all of the sake drinking.

As I sit here at my desk reliving the night, I feel a few aches in my legs and back. It’s either a sign of the good hard work that was done, or its the years catching up to me. Either way, it was all worth it for the amazing experience of truly being a part of the Joy of Sake. Expect to see me there again next year and beyond.

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