In A Nutshell

Growing Up in Hawaii and being of Japanese-American descent I’ve always been aware of sake. Although my knowledge of it was mostly limited to it being that funky drink that Grandpa would drink every now and then, or that giant jug insert the sink that Grandma would occasionally use for cooking. It wasn’t until relatively recently that I began to expand my ideas of what sake is.

Turning 21 also helped since up until that age drinking any alcohol, except for some cough medicines and chocolate candies, was illegal. A trip to Japan after college to visit friends also helped hammer in the idea that sake isn’t just for Grandpa’s parties and Grandma’s cooking.

What really sparked my passion-bordering-on-obsession with sake was my first Joy of Sake event. There were hundreds of sake scattered on tables all over a giant event hall, and myriad people winding their ways through the crowd to get another taste of this wonderful brew. Since that first big annual event I’ve attended as many of the Joy of Sakes smaller Aftertaste events throughout the year, and have found myself becoming quite a sake enthusiast, or as I like to say, a sakephile.

Through this humble blog I hope to be able to share my newfound knowledge, opinions, and experiences related to sake, and maybe occasionally other wines and spirits. The word “sake” in Japanese generally refers to any alcoholic drink, after all.

Pour yourself a glass of your favorite drink, kick back, relax and join me on this wondrous adventure that is sake.

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